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Stainless Steel Gutter Protection & Ice Dam Prevention

Welcome to Gutterglove of Green Bay, Wisconsin! We offer our clients a wide selection of gutter solutions to an area with a very harsh climate. Because of this, we take pride in our ability to transform out of date drainage and gutter systems into proficient, hands-off systems that successfully deter the build up of leaves and debris, melt ice and snow, and even collect and filter water! Each product we offer is created with the sole intention or protecting your gutters. Gutterglove also offers unique ice dam protection not offered by our competitors. 


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Gary was asked to quote a gutter / roof repair and explained very well what he would be doing, based on what he could see as the problem. We set a price and time, as he was removing the shingles he identified more of an issue, again explained what he needed to do before proceeding. The price remained at the same!

It was because of Gary’s communication that we feel comfortable and asked to have a quote for installation of GutterGlove gutter covers. Gary brought two samples of his product to choose from and was very knowledgeable about the different products.

We discussed timing and the work was completed in the timeframe requested. After installation we noticed a couple of areas where water was running over the gutter cover. Gary has come back, looked at the area and added end additional half inch backsplash to deter water overflow and asked us to monitor its effect. It has improved in the areas period during this inspection we discussed a couple of other options which will be implemented. Our issue is due to roof steepness. Gary has been professional, timely and pleasant to discuss options, his work is high-quality!

We are very pleased and highly recommend GLH Home Services.
— Larry S. Oneida WI
Had gutterglove covers installed on gutters that continuously ran over due to clogging problems with the leaves and debris that built up in downspout. Gary was very professional and knowledgeable about what needed to be done and finished the installation on time and budget. Very satisfied with job and no more climbing a ladder for me.
— Linda R. Green Bay WI



Gutterglove comes with a 25 year manufactures warranty, on top of that you get my personal guarantee -a 25 year no clog warranty. If you find your gutter system with a clogged gutter or downspout I will remove that clog free of charge. And as always all gutter glove installs are done by me, Gary Herro, the owner. no third party subcontractors.



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I started as a general contracting service out of Green Bay  in 2009, offering remodel and new construction services. Shortly after I became involved with Gutterglove and refocused our direction. Now as the exclusive dealer for Gutterglove throughout Northeast Wisconsin Gutterglove is all I do. I am excited to be bringing Gutterglove to Wisconsin, giving homeowners the ultimate leaf protection. My motto is simple- How would I do it done  on my home? That is the attention we give to each and every gutterglove installation.